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Hello world!

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I regard myself as a Buddhist of about 15 years standing, although goodness knows how many years I may have been a Buddhist in previous lives. And by ‘Buddhist’ I simply mean that I try to sincerely go for refuge to Buddha, Dharma, and Sangha.  My purpose in starting this blog (at least one of my consciously acknowledged purposes; I may find out some of my unacknowledged ones as I go along) is to start collecting some information from various sources that may help me and others to deepen our study and practice, or at least appreciation, of Dharma. For example I am using Zemanta, a plug-in to my Firefox browser, to help me automatically find out articles and photos about Dharma matters as I go along. Very useful, I have to say. For example, I notice that there are lots of articles at the moment about Lama Osel, the supposed reincarnation of Lama Yeshe, who has apparently given up trying to be a Geshe like Lama Yeshe was. The whole debate about whether or not a Western child can be integrated into a traditional Tibetan Buddhist training regime for producing new Lamas in a fascinating one for me and, so it seems, for many others. I provide a few links below to stories about Lama Osel that Zemanta has thrown up for me:

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