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New Year and New Decade message

What I feel will be the defining theme of the new decade is the interplay between the consequences of having passed Peak Oil, the consequences of the still ongoing global economic crisis caused by the gross malfunctioning of the big financial institutions, and the consequences of the rapidly accelerating rate of global warming. This interplay, or ‘triple whammy’, will be complex and profound, triggering off a wide range of socio-economic, political, and environmental changes, which will probably be accompanied by profound social psychological and spiritual changes too.

The scale, pace, and intensity of these changes are likely to be so great that they will overwhelm the natural tendencies to adapt to these changes merely by the application of new technologies or devising new technocratic produres for managing them. Furthermore, these changes are very likely to sometimes manifest in sudden, catastrophic divergences from an apparently stable or gradual trend. For example, sea level is gradually rising due to a gradual melting of land ice, but once the melting passes one or more ‘tipping points’ , the melting might be so fast that large sheets of land ice might become so unstable that they collapse and break up in a catastrophic way, leading to a much faster and much more damaging rise in sea level than was originally predicted. Similarly, the global financial system looks like it has attained some degree of stabilisation now that enough governmental support has been injected into it, but it only takes another new ‘Lehman Brothers’ type collapse to possibly trigger off a new ‘meltdown’ of the banking system. Also, the price of oil, which will undoubtedly rise in the next few years, will not necessarily rise gradually, but may ‘spike’ rapidly in response to specific events, leading to intensely recessionary economic consequences, followed by a rapid fall in oil prices as recession bites, followed in turn by fresh ‘spikes’ in oil prices as economic recovery occurs, until the recovery itself makes the price rise so much again that the recovery is choked off. This scenario could occur several times until, perhaps, other factors intervened, such as a dramatic switching of sectors of the economy away from oil dependence, or climate disasters consume economic resources in the process of managing them, resources that would otherwise be used for fuelling economic growth.

In future posts I intend to explore in more detail the ways in which the ‘triple whammy’ will manifest and what the implications might be for how humanity responds to it, and how this unprecedented global challenge to humanity impacts upon, and can be impacted by, various spiritual practices, especially those within the spiritual path of Buddhism which I have committed to. Why? Simply because I am fascinated by the size of the challenge facing humanity and by the fact that such a challenge can, if handled right, be an opportunity for spiritual progress for myself and, hopefully, countless others as well.

Meanwhile, Happy New Year!

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