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Apocalypse Now…

Living as I do in the South East of England, it is tempting sometimes to think that the effects of global warming are not yet dramatic enough in my part of the world, that the changes that can be observed are too small, subtle, and gradual to indicate anything disastrous that may be around the corner. All that has changed for me given the extremely cold and snowy winter that we are having in the UK this year, because I have found out from my recent reading of the scientific evidence concerning global warming that there is now a direct link between the rapid loss of Arctic summer sea ice in recent years (caused primarily by global warming) and the recent trend for Europe to experience more extreme winter weather. Combine that discovery with the many extreme weather events that have occurred throughout the world in 2010, the extremity of which can now confidently be attributed primarily to global warming, and it is clear that a climate apocalypse is rapidly unfolding and is now very much ‘in your face’ for anybody who cares to see the connection between global warming and local climate disturbances and/or extreme weather events. The personal sense of urgency I have about responding to this gathering apocalypse is now such that it is making me think on a much deeper level than before about how to respond creatively to this gathering storm. I aim to explore this personal sense of urgency, and my attempts to formulate responses to it, in my next few posts.

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