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The perfect storm has arrived…

Mean surface temperature change for the period...

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I have just read the latest post on the Climate Progress website, which is just about the most powerful post I have ever read on what is, for me, the best climate blog I have found (and is worth following daily because of its brilliant compilation of most of the latest information and news about anything to do with global warming and the various responses to it). The post summarises clearly what I have been stumbling ineptly towards trying to articulate. Namely, the factors of global warming, peak oil, rapid rise in the global population, and the global financial crisis caused by the ‘too big to fail’ banks and the associated sovereign debt crisis that followed, are now remorselessly combining with ever growing frequency and intensity to spawn, or intensify, new crises, such as the social and political upheavals sweeping across the Middle East. There have been so many extreme weather events around the world over the last few months, particularly in crucial food-producing areas of the world, and all this at a time of rapidly increasing oil prices, which means the cost of producing and transporting the food also ratchets upwards. And rising food prices have pushed many millions of people around the world back into extreme poverty and a desperate struggle to survive.

The starkness of the global crisis is mounting month by month. We simply have no time left to think about how to adapt to the problems of climate change and peak oil. We just have to adapt right now, using whatever solutions and technologies are available to implement on a mass scale right now, and we need to make the financial investments in such things regardless of the immediate impact it might have short-term on our usual standards of living, especially the level of affuence we have in the developed industrial countries. The consequences of global warming and peak oil are with us now, and those consequences will only get worse with time and the rapidly rising population. None of this was discussed in detail at Davos, where the financial and business elites and developed world policy-wonks gathered for their intellectual talkfest and tried to talk up the chances of a global economic recovery coming to the rescue. They still mostly talked as if there were time to think about the problems of global warming and peak oil after the present financial and economic problems are solved. But there is no time. Time has run out for talking. The time to act has come. The time for the rapid transition to a  zero-carbon civilisation has arrived. Otherwise we are doomed.

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  1. Realist
    • andydharma
      September 2, 2012 at 7:02 pm

      Yes, I agree: Delingpole is a very sad case of someone spouting unmitigated rubbish in complete denial of all the observational and empirical data of the climate science community. Comic, if it wasn’t for the Arctic ice in a ‘death-spiral’ with catastrophic climate knock-on effects coming along as a result.

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