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Canute and the rising seas…


January 2nd: A day of brilliant sunshine, enabling me to go on a much longer walk than was possible yesterday, as well as to appreciate nature in its winter glory. My photo today shows my favourite part of the route I took today, underneath a canopy formed by a line of mature oaks. I look forward to the Spring when these oaks create cathedral-like arches of greenery, making a living roof for the lane.

But it was a bittersweet walk, though, because all the while I was contemplating the lack of a real winter in the Arctic right now, as well as thinking about what Paul Beckwith says in his latest post, which I read earlier today. His post also discussed the latest paper by climate scientist James Hansen and his colleagues, which not only points out the extreme urgency of reducing carbon emissions as soon as possible but also points out that even a drastic reduction in fossil fuel burning is not enough, because rapid extraction of carbon from the atmosphere also needs to occur if overall carbon levels are to be reduced sufficiently to prevent catastrophic climate change.

Meanwhile, the anxieties that many have about Donald Trump, now only 19 days away from the US Presidency, continue to grow, especially with regards to his lack of concern about climate change. Indeed, in a report today by the BBC, even a senior member of Trump’s own Republican Party – a former head of the US Environmental Protection Agency – has expressed great anxiety about Trump’s proposed climate and environmental policies.

Powerful politicians rise and fall, come and go. 

Like glaciers, they gouge out their paths.

Like storms, they blow through our lives.

Like trees, they grow tall then die.

But like King Canute, they cannot stop the rising seas…



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