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‘Reality TV’ Trump versus reality of climate change: who wins?


January 4th: My illness rumbles on, restricting me once again to a short walk along the lanes of my village, lanes which take me past farms and small-holdings where willow trees glow golden in the winter sunlight and bare trees stand out starkly against the dark clouds rolling over the field slopes. All this natural splendour is precious, of course, keeping my spirits up despite my body feeling rotten, and gives me inner strength to think about what is otherwise very hard to think upon: climate change.

Not that Donald Trump thinks hard about climate change. His mind is apparently so against treating it as a serious subject that he’s contemplating slashing federal funding for climate research by agencies such as NASA. It’s quite mind-numbing to see the extent not just of Trump’s climate denial but the bizarre extent to which he goes to trash climate change as a valid area of concern for scientists to investigate. Yet Trump will have to deal with the reality of climate change impacts upon the United States, as there is a very high probability of several extremely damaging weather events hitting the US during his term as President. Obama had to deal with several such events, some of which went a long way to increasing awareness amongst US citizens about the growing impacts of climate change. Climate change is just nature responding in dynamic ways to what humans are doing to nature. So it will be fascinating to see how Trump handles the inevitable clash between his ‘reality TV show’ view of the world and the reality of the natural world itself as human-induced global warming plays itself out. There’ll be plenty of denialist spin from Trump, of course, but whether this will be enough to prevent demands within the US for more positive responses to climate change remains to be seen. The fate of the whole world partly depends on how this clash works out!

Meanwhile, right now in the Arctic, sea ice extent is the lowest it’s ever been for this time of year. The Arctic death spiral continues. The reason? Why, climate change of course! Evidence? It’s right here. And the consequences for us here in the UK and Europe? Lots more extreme weather events.

The USS President sails on sublimely towards the iceberg of climate disaster

Supremely confident that the ship is unsinkable, the captain dreams of

New walls, new deals, new ways of making the ship even greater than now,

And the band will play on as the dreams dissolve into the cold, uncaring ocean…




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