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when the soil dries up…

January 7, 2017 Leave a comment



January 7th: another day, another walk, but feeling stronger, I ventured out as far as the next village rather than just around my home village. The quietude of country lanes, the smells of damp leaves and grass, the soft squelch through muddy puddles, the glimpses of birds flitting in and out of trees and hedges, the sight of sheep grazing in nearby fields (as in the photo above that I took today), the sudden shafts of bright light slipping through scudding clouds. All, all mindfully present in my meanderings, evoking a soft, soothing joy within the heart. Priceless…

Meanwhile, the fun and games continues with the incoming Trump administration creating ever more controversy and consternation as the Presidential Inauguration comes nigh. Yet for all his keenness to maximise US fossil fuel exploration and extraction, he will be facing a world that is not only rapidly transitioning away from fossil fuels and towards renewable energy technologies (my walk today took me past the first wind farm ever in East Sussex, only just becoming operational). But he is also facing a crisis within the fossil fuel industry itself as peak oil production and peak oil demand start to overlap and interact with each other in dramatic ways over the next few years, leading to severe economic shocks of various kinds as economies around the world struggle with the reliance they still have upon infrastructure that is still dependent upon fossil fuels. Oh, it would be so much simpler if those in power could just accept and adapt to the obvious trends, especially in the fields of energy and climate change!

And it does matter very much what Trump, and people who support Trump, say and do with respect to climate change.  Why? Because people’s lives are ruined by climate change, and by the lack of government action in the high carbon-emitting countries to deal with it. As this video from a US reporter in drought-ravaged Mozambique reveals:

I’m lucky to live in a land rich enough to adapt to climate change by investing in technologies like the wind farm I passed on my walk this morning to enjoy a hot soup at a nearby farm-shop cafe. But people living in poor countries like Mozambique are not so lucky, for they wonder where their next meal will come from as global warming dries up their land. When they’ll see their first wind farm is probably the last thing on their mind…

soil turns into sand

as heat dries up the land;

pity the poor who stand at hunger’s door,

wondering if there’s room for hope any more.


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